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Re: GBP news

Amid the growing uncertainty of a hard Brexit just a month away traders are pulling away from the British Pound, because of the increased volatility of the currency. And that is felt not only with the value of the pound, but also with the trading volume. Once the second most traded currency pair, no...


EUR/USD formed both a hammer and an inverted hammer candlestick at the support at 1.1270 on the weekly time-frame, together with the double bottom and the trend line I think we'll be seeing a new move north soon.


Now there's not only a double bottom but also a hammer candlestick at the support at 1.1230, I think we may see a further move to the upside. the real reason why EURUSD is not falling like rock is it is trading at multiyear trendline support and taking support at it. it needs more economical slowdo...

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