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Re: MT5 and function iCustom

Dear malden, may be we are close to the solution....if it works on your terminal should work also on mine but this is not happening. I've paste and copy your indi ( changing also form EURUSD.m to EURUSD ...etc..) but the result is what you see ...nothing. I'm pretty sure there is a mistake in my con...

Re: MT5 and function iCustom

dear mladen,

thanks for your reply but even using 4 parameters ( Handle=iCustom(NULL,0,"Relation",300,true,InpTimePeriod,"EURUSD"); ) or none ( Handle=iCustom(NULL,0,"Relation"); ) it doesn't work.

any help would be really appreciated.

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

Dear mladen, mrtools the following posts have been overlooked: I'm p...

MT5 and function iCustom

Dear all, my target is to use one indicator and modify the values in MT5 via the iCustom function . It was a success using the attached code ( TestCopyArray3 ) with the attached tsis.mq5 indi but it doesnt' work with the attached relation.mq5 indi. Could you please help me ? TestCopyArray3.mq5 tsis....

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