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Re: Fibonacci, Trendlines, Support Resistance & Pivot Point Indicators MT4


could you please adjust this indicator. I would like to be able to change the line width and line style of the Fib lines. It doesn't let me do that.
It also needs an ID so it can be used for more than one instance. Thank you!i

AutoFib TradeZones.mq4
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Re: US Election Live Stream

pure fascism Oh, Pava, did you switch sides now........ :D I guess you blame "the other side" too, when you lose a trade...some kind of conspiracy against you. Well, actually I wanted to say that the thread got pretty tensed up now and it's probably about time to simply get rid of it and get back t...

Re: The Decline of Civilization

Looking around, I don't see much of a civilization anyway. Instead of advancing, we seem very much to go backwards everywhere. It appears to me that the majority of this planet is frighteningly uneducated and thus being easily deceived by those who use them for their own agendas. Rising from the ca...

Re: US Election Live Stream

3:00 - Is that a policeman actually waving people inside? :think: Sorry to disappoint you....No, I don't mean you Deez, I mean the disillusioned guy in the video and the BS he spreads. Nobody is scared of the orange psychopath. He's the one scared right now, knowi...

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