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Re: NT7 NinjaTrader 7 indicators

I don't remember anymore, has NT the same renko issues with repainting? At least, it looks like repainting. GemStochastic is a funny name NTL, grabbed it by the .rar-file ... oh, it's a .zip-file. Look like RJ Hybrid Renkos to me. That style does not repaint. Have got them on NT7. Are availabe for ...

Re: NT7 NinjaTrader 7 indicators

As this is a new forum, wouldn't it be better to focus on NT8 Indicators as the NT8 platform has been realease officially already. And NT7 to NT8 conversions. Just my 3 Cents as have been trading on the NT8 for months now.

Also I'm curious, is there anyone capable of converting NT7 Indicators to NT8?

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