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Re: MACD&RSI's Trading

MACD&RSI, thank you for taking the time to share your trading system with all of us, it's very generous of you.  It is threads like these that are going to make this site the best trading resource anywhere.  Hope you have continued success.

Re: RSI Indicators for MT4

Composite mtf RSI smoothed Composite mtf RSI smoothed 1.01                (sloping color)       Hi Mntiwana Do you have a template for the 2nd picture above that you could share? Or could you advise which indicators you used for those lines on the price area of the chart? Thanks very much in advance!

Re: CCI indicators for MT4

mrtools wrote:
Hi Bob Loblaw, have this one that is similar, updated it with the latest averages and 22 prices. And  a step ma of cci updated with the 22 prices.
Thank you mr tools and mntiwana both for posting these indicators.

Re: CCI indicators for MT4

mntiwana wrote:CCI VMA versions         (on chart)
Hi mntiwana
Would you happen to have "stepma of cci" pictured in the first subwindow? I tried using the search (great to have again) but it returned no results. Thanks very much in advance.

Wow FXSurf, thanks for generously sharing this with us and for posting everything we need to check it out for ourselves. All the best. ?

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