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Weiiiird issue .. indicator wount function and appear unless i refresh indicators list !!! help

Hi dear coders .. please i have an important peace of my system that needs to be fixed .. it actually a weird issue that i never seen like it ... so the indicator when dragged and thrown into chart will not appear whatever i do with or without dll imports .. however the second i refresh my indicator...

Re: Want to make money using renko? Simple and powerfull strategy

chickensword wrote: Thu Aug 04, 2022 8:54 am cool,
you have to go to that forum by clicking the search option
then page 1 , 4.0 system
i search page 1 , 4.0 system .. i got this .. maybe im a little dumb lol .. but i want to expermint on that system so bad .. u got the system name or publisher by anychance ?

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