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Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

Sorry it's decompiled but looks like a rsi with a ma of rsi think we have some in the forum also with mtf. Thank you, mrtools. Actually I'm a bit confused. Usually if it's a decompiled version, it says so on the header, with no references to copy rights. This one says nothing about being decompiled...

Re: RSI Indicators for MT4

Cross of 5x RSI indicator set: Subwindow + Candlestick Overlay & "Neutral" Candlestick highlight I dont find original post with request, bur here is requested cross of 5x RSI. Make onchart and subwindow version. Possible rsi smoothing and choose rsi types.... PS: For the 5x MA Cross i...

Re: WW3 Countdown

The correct phrase would be "Soldiers are running away" . They know they are just sent in to die, so the clown can lie to the West that about his "so successful counter attacks" The goal of the US after WWII was always to prevent the European West from developing a thriving econo...

Re: ECB Rates and US GDP News

It comes from a weekly report from IG's Monte Safieddine @Monte_IG (Dubai). [/url] he also does a weekly vid often using some of the same data.

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