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Re: Australia’s 1:30 leverage: ASIC Announces Leverage Cap, Negative Balance Protection

I was basically forced to look for off-shore options, which so far to be fair I have found to be just as good and have been using one in particular for around 18 months now. Regulations suck imo..... Same here. First the issue was with me being from the US, since a lot of the brokers I looked at wo...

Re: Any other traders have side hustles going on?

Banzai wrote:
Sat Jun 25, 2022 4:56 am

My only success:
eBay selling. But I'm not rich yet.
My aunt used to do this when I was a child, if I'm thinking of the same thing. I remember her buying toys and things on clearance, then she'd mark up the price on eBay. From what I remember, she made really good money doing it.

Re: The Backrooms

I recommend my channel Liminal_AI on reddit I create my own pictures using MidJourney, which is absolutely fantastic. here is the kind of picture you can create with it, it is really powerful [/url] so many parameters, so full it's amazing vari...


Occasionally I forget about covid entirely. It almost feels like something that happened ages ago now. Same here up until just recently. My family has had it twice, last August and just got over it this August for the second time. Both times, it came from the same kid in the family, pretty sure he ...

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