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Re: Adaptive Indicators for MT4

Do you mean like a 0 to 1 bar type histo? Sorry for my ignorance, to be honest I do not fully understand what you mean here. Now this is what I am currently using of which works very well with my current strategy, but believe it re paints occasionally (???). Hence the reason why I have been looking...

Re: Forex indicator video

Remselie I have to say, from what I have seen in your posts here so far, this indicator you have had developed looks very impressive.
I personally cannot wait for you to release it here.
I just prey your not having us all on and never intend on sharing it.

Re: Commercial - Paid Coding Service

Woodyz wrote:
Wed Aug 18, 2021 10:34 am
Mr Tools......... I'm sorry to hear that.
Ok then that being the case then yes It would be appreciated if you could PM me with the details for your most trusted associate.
Thanks in advance and trust everything will be ok soon.
Mr Tools
Just following up..Have you got someone for me to contact ??

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