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Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

Good day to you all. I have been working on my algorithm and use an indicator to manually back test my ideas. The indicator is No Nonsense ATR I find it quite good because wherever I click on the chart, it draws TP and SL lines to where each would be hit. It works very well except that it calculates...

Re: Box fibo indicator

This is very good.
Is it possible to include an input selection for fibo end time.
As can be seen on the previous image. when one goes to the lower timeframes, the fibs do not extend far enough.
Thank you in advance. Your work is always appreciated.

Please help with this indicator

Hello all. I found an indicator which I quite like. Nothing overly special, but it works. It is a moving average in 3 colors I put it on my chart 3 times using 3 different periods. Looked great. Well, thought I, perhaps I can make it into one indicator. Not being a programmer, but having done this a...

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