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Moving average indicator

I would like if someone can make a moving average indicator that allows this: 1. Move it backwards (for example 5 days) 2. As delaying the mean for 5 days means that there is no mean value for those 5 days, making them draw with some method, I don't know if interpolation or another. 3. That can be i...

Re: Two indicators in the window

I put the same indicator 2 times, with different parameters, to see if they cross before putting an average. It's just a test. The indicator for example VQ or any of the ones in the forum. There is so much to prove. But with what you have commented to fix the minimum and maximum is solved.

Two indicators in the window

I need someone to help me, sometimes I put the same indicator twice in the sub-window with different parameters, looking for its crossing to give me a signal, but as I move forward or backward on the screen the indicators show different crosses. In other words, they are not drawn on the same axis. H...

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