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Re: metaToolBox

thiru wrote:
Wed May 18, 2022 4:55 pm
Now, I like to keep my charts clean !!!
Quoting a very old song by Robert Palmer here: "you overwhelm" us
Man, as you yourself said, not all of it may be really necessary to place a trade but you certainly got full points for coolness-factor.
I hope you can keep up the work!

Re: Market Observations:

Sentiment drives any market. The market maker can only take an option (offer to clients) in the hope that's what buyers and sellers want, they are either ahead of the game and winning or behind the game and losing. If the market maker sees the balance is shifting they just shut down their own marke...

Re: GARCH Volatility Predictor

{It reminds me of the guy who repeatedly claimed he is almost about to make 100% per day for a longer period of time. Whatever else may be wrong with him, he certainly doesn't understand the concept of exponential growth.} To finish of this thought: He still claims he is making anything between 60 ...

Re: Something interesting please post here (Metatrader)

Green histogram is the Bulls indicator. Red histogram is the Bears indicator. ---------------------------------------------------------- a very nice trick, Banzai - it truly deserves to be called "something interesting" As so often: one question: wouldn't it be easier to use one indicator (i. e. OS...

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