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Re: $500 Prize: Let's program the Holy Grail MA together

I keep a statistic from the last 100 days for trading with US30. Statistically speaking, just to understand what you are saying: "The daily opening price was higher than PP on 57 days and the LOW of the daily candle was below the PP on 40 days. This means a hit rate of 70%" opening above + quoted l...

Re: Velocity, Momentum & ROC Indicators for MT4

kvak wrote:
Mon Jul 26, 2021 7:05 am
Update prices, added 20 averages and DSL.
For the moment I only looked at DSL rsi adaptive ema:
I tried the different averages (by changing them) - you will find that none of them alters the indicator line in any way.
So maybe, just maybe, your indicator list that doesn't work, is the problem.


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Re: Velocity, Momentum & ROC Indicators for MT4

mrtools wrote:
Sun Jul 25, 2021 1:53 pm
Made an averages version.
while I love !rsi adaptive ema levels and its precision (and wish kvak or MrTools would turn it into another button indicator)
I am not so sure - spoiler alert - about averages CMO (see for yourself)
Vidya CMO - on the other hand - is a totally different matter.

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