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Re: Step Indicators for MT4

Good Day Mr Tools / Mladen,
I am unable to locate a mq4 copy of Mladen's Step MA of RSI Adaptive Tema v1.1
If you have access to a Mq4 version of this Indicator - Please could you add options for Alert and notifications for when the Step MA change colour in either direction .
Many thanks.

Re: RSI Indicators for MT4

Good Day Mr Tools, Is there any way of smoothing out a bit this RSI Band Indicator and adding an alert when the RSI Line crosses Above and Below the MA? Currently the line is sensitive to candle movements and the line sometimes fluctuates above and below the MA before the turning point is reached. T...

Re: RSI Indicators for MT4

Good Day Mr Tools / Mr Mladen, A request for consideration please - an indicator much like is found on Tading View, where a TMA Divergence Finder draws lines on your Price Action and your RSI to show divergence, (with Alerts and arrows, much like you recently did for me with the RVI Divergence - goo...

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