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Re: Requests & Ideas (MT5)

So you are looking for 2 averages of awesome with the alert triggered when they cross? Awesome average is OK. like you do. other average is , average of Awesome average. An alarm and push notification will be triggered when the awesome average cuts its other average. "excuse me for my bad english"

Re: Requests & Ideas (MT5)

Hello mrtools. Is it possible to add your averages for the Awesome_oscillator _-_ extended? Also, can I ask that the Alert function works according to this average? Best regards. Hello again mrtools. Could you please help me whit this, if you're available? I really don't know how i do it, but I'm t...

Re: Convert MT5 indicators to MT4

can u convert these indicators to mt4 @mr tools There was some older mt4 versions which I made more user friendly and optimized the code somewhat. In the trading the trend indicator there are now more choices for the moving averages for the atr. Hello Mr.Tools, I would like you to add your standard...

Re: Gann Indicators

This is the last version of Averages series up till now Gann averages high-low activator_mtf 3_4 This of Gann Averages high low Activator version extended with (37) updated set of Averages - and an addition of filters (3 state - to price,to average ,to all) in first picture example using filter 2 a...

Re: Bollinger Band type indicators for MT4

mntiwana wrote:
Sun Mar 05, 2017 11:08 pm
braciola719 wrote:Good morning and thank you for this forum,, you have something useful for binary options ??
You are Welcome
regarding usefulness of some thing,depends on traders knowledge and ability how he use and form some thing (strategy)

I really liked it. I will try 1 month. Thank you.

Re: PA Adaptive Price Trender Averages

Hi First of all, I express my gratitude to those who produce and share this indicator. Is there an alerted version of this indicator? Do you know ? Will add alerts once i find the source code or figure out the modifications i did on that version. I'm looking forward to hear good news from you. This...

Re: PA Adaptive Price Trender Averages

As I was looking for an NMC version of the PA (Phase Accumulation) Adaptive Price Trender of Averages for MT4, I've come across this version which was kindly upgraded by Mrtools here. In an attempt to organize, I'll add it into this thread as it's too good of a code to be missed :) This version com...

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