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Re: Waddah Attar Indicators for MT4

It was just a question because Hey, instead of an EA, why don't you trade it on the Daily. Have 6 charts setup, look for signals each day and enter from there. No need to stress, just pick trades off when you come home from work and don't check your Mobile MT4, just let them run. PS: Use Mladen's T...

Re: SSA Indicators (Singular Spectrum Analysis)

RomanUkraine wrote:
Sun Sep 20, 2020 6:16 am
mrtools wrote:
Thu Mar 05, 2020 7:22 am

Just saw your post, this version should work better in mtf, please remember this is a recalculating/repainting indicator.
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Re: Volume Indicators for MT4

Hello bro thanks for the share , please explain me that and thanks again "White bars = bull climax volume / Black bars = bear climax volume This would means a spike in volume so u should see retrace soon............... if u see this white or black ones then u can scalp in opposite direction...........

Re: Volume Indicators for MT4

This is my cumulative volume indicator for the current day, it also has a simple moving average and bull and bear climax bars. "Blue bars = rising up volume / Red bars = falling down volume." "White bars = bull climax volume / Black bars = bear climax volume." The buttons do nothing if you click on...

Re: Stochastic indicators for MT4

Spuds Stochastic Thread Theory was made in 2007. I was looking at the Spuds Stochastic Thread and I notice that if the BLUE Stochastic Threads are above the YELLOW Stochastic (14,3,3), then the price will go DOWN at some point. if the BLUE Stochastic Threads are under the YELLOW Stochastic (14,3,3)...

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