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Re: MACD indicators for MT4

dear mrtool,
i think this indi is part of macd, so i`ll put my request in here

mrtool is it possible to change the trade filter MA to ichimoku??
if it yes, can you plzz change it.

above kumo long only, under kumo short only and inside kumo netral


Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

hi guys, do any of you have horizontal line indicator with alert, when price touch the hori line, it triger the alert?? i download this indi "Horizontal_Alert_Lines" from forex station, but the alert dont stop when price touch he line, even when i remove the indi from the list. i`ve to close all mt4...

Re: Ichimoku Indicators for MT4

Very good question, not %100 sure but think it has to do with the Kijun shift, which causes Ichimoku to be shifted forward by the Kijun period except of course for the Chinkou which is shifted backwards by the Kijun period. thx for the answer mrtools, so is it safe to say that: -the kumo mft mode i...

Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

dear mrtool, -can you plzz add more weekly and monthly period to your fib pivot indi, and also alert when the price touch the line. -btw the bar time sometime stop the count down while still in white collor (+white, -red), bur the price line is move normaly, at first i thought it bcause internet con...

Re: Ichimoku Indicators for MT4

dear mrtool and other senior member, i have question for this Ichimoku (mtf + alerts + limited bars) indi. as you can see in the picture. -pict in left side> price already touch and 'bo' the kumo in h1 tf -pict in the right side> price dont touch the kumo when i use h1 mtf mode in 30mnt chart (and o...

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