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Re: Indicator requests and ideas

Warm Greetings, I hope this is still in perspective. Kind regards, Here you go boxbreakout 1.02 nmc Mladen's nmc ver Mrtools : This is the box breakout done by Brax in elite (TSD) section added HA and Murray Math and some general market comments,swap,spread,trend direction,range,etc.The trend deter...

Re: New Week!

ForexinDevon wrote:
Sun Nov 11, 2018 7:56 pm
How did everyone get on last week then?
man i lost $285 USD on EURGBP long positionn & market keep going south touched my stops :x
now its going back up as soon as I get stopped out............... it always happen 2 me

Re: Something interesting please post here (metatrader) ...

⁂ PIVOT FIBS ⁂ ☛ This indicator is made and fused version by v2v ☛ Some functions/features are based on - All Pivots indicator by Igor at TrendLabaratory ☛ Pivot Fibonacci ONLY ─ Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, and H4 ☛ With features to navigates using the v2v time frame button switch be...

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