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Re: The Jesus Strategy

chickensword wrote:
Mon May 23, 2022 2:50 pm
turbo plus v3.0 package
turbo plus doesnt work unless you download one of or all of the others
supposedly non repaint arrows 90% accuracy idk
ur a bit of an interesting character........ is this turbo thing part of the jesus strategy??

Re: Monkey Virus

Nooo, it'll be a WHOLE NEW SET of vaccinations for everyone 👍🥳🥳 lol maybe so but was hoping for some answer if we can catch dis shit off vaxxed ppl......... well in all seriousness today's reports are saying........ 👨‍🔬 MONKEYPOX VIRUS IS VACCINE ACQUIRED SHINGLES 🥼 i dont want any of them tbh........

Monkey Virus

⚠️ man......... can us non vaccinated ppl catch dis dirty monkey virus from the vaccinated ppl??? or does it only can transmit thru the vaccinated ppl??? ⚠️ wtf........ Oh, guess what - health officials from around the world got together recently to practice a simulated monkey pox pandemic, same as ...

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