Re: Requests & Ideas (MT5)

uvz wrote: Fri Mar 29, 2024 10:20 pm Hi @mrTools, can you please share mt5 version of your indicator from mt4.
HiLo cross histo (mtf + arrows + lines)

If possible (not necessary) can you please share mq4 and mq5 files. Super Thanks.
Don't have the code for that one.

Re: Requests & Ideas (MT5)

mrtools wrote: Sat Mar 30, 2024 7:49 am Can you please check if this one is the same?
Hi @mrtools, they are not the same but close enough and will work. Is it possible to share the mt5/.mq5 version of hilow channel histo - jurik smooth(mtf + alerts+ arrows).mq4 ?

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