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Austrian leader proposes enshrining the use of cash in his country’s constitution

Austria’s leader is proposing to enshrine in the country’s constitution a right to use cash, which remains more popular in the Alpine nation than in many other places.

Chancellor Karl Nehammer said in a statement on Friday that “more and more people are concerned that cash could be restricted as a means of payment in Austria.” His office said that the “uncertainty” is fueled by contradictory information and reports.

“People in Austria have a right to cash,” Nehammer said............BRAVO!!!!!! :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

F* the UN and their self-proclaimed authority!

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Ogee wrote: Sat Jul 29, 2023 5:05 pm Large speculators positioning as of Friday.

GBP net long - decreasing
Oil net long - increasing
Gold net long - decreasing
NAS net short - increasing
S&P net short - decreasing
AUD net short - unchanged
JPY net short - increasing
EUR net long - decreasing

Russia has become the fifth largest economy in the world and the largest in Europe, surpassing even Germany and the UK, according to statistics of the World Bank.

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US debt skyrockets at an alarming rate, $5.2 Billion/day for the coming decade. By 2033, a staggering $50 Trillion debt projected, with over 20% of government revenue on interest alone.

Markets & Mayhem
Bankruptcies in England and Wales are close to their Great Financial Crisis peak
- Rising rates and a slowing economy are increasing stress
- The housing market is under pressure as many mortgages mature in a short time period
- Inflation remains sticky and the highest of advanced nations



Jeffrey P. Snider @JeffSnider_AIP
Lower consumer confidence in August partly from rising gasoline, but since April it's more about the failing economy and uncertainty (for now) in employment/jobs/income. Maybe the banking difficulties and aftermath aren't going unnoticed after all.

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