Re: New Strategy-Indicator for useless minds like me.

euro_rapp wrote: Fri Jan 14, 2022 7:54 am I dont know if its truly made in 10 years since i made it within 1 minute with Supertrend + Stochastic buy sell arrows. I dont say its bad, it surely works great, but it doesnt take 10 years of trading experience. Maybe 10 months to figure it out.
Can You post settings of that ?

Re: New Strategy-Indicator for useless minds like me.

I doubt they mean you any disrespect. With so many quality indicators made by skilled coders(god bless their souls) on this forum - which is given away for free, you have to too really come with something different, a real game changer, if you want to sell something here.

And as others pointed, your indi looks like a basic supertrend so that's why I think they are skeptical.

(And obviously you intro story - don't know why sellers do this lol)

Don't take their words to heart - they just seen many come and go trying to make an easy buck on this forum.

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