Re: MT5 Trading Systems Thread Old And New

A basic Xard chart, ready for improvement and additions as anyone see's fit. Still searching for another Spike indicator, this one is the small diamonds on the chart. I can't make them bigger or get the same results as in Xard's sub-window. :eh:

Not sure about that ADR indicator. It's just sitting there with a panel and nothing on the chart...maybe it's waiting for live data to begin. The author did say that this free version is not 100% accurate because it counts off days the same as live days. He does offer a paid version on the MQL5 market place that he claims is accurate :eh:, still searching for another ADR.

There is a Legacy of Gann indicator available on MQL5 for about $70.00, there is a free mt4 version somewhere on this forum. It is worth checking out.

The semafor indicator matches Xard's and the 2nd Dot indicators used by a lot of folks for mt4. I wish I could make them a little bigger though.

Re: MT5 Trading Systems Thread Old And New

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Note: This is a demo account. Spreads and swaps are not real.
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