Re: MT4 Indicator requests and ideas

Hi guys, I'm writing to ask if you can help me make a change to this indicator. I often use large blue line deviations to capture quick counter-trend moves. I was wondering if there was the possibility of adding an arrow and an audible alarm when a significant deviation occurs. After seeing many movements, I noticed that countertrend movements (from top to bottom and from bottom to top) with a % variation of at least 18%, give rise to excellent entry points for reversals, obviously filtered with other indicators. In the images I posted you can see the closing value of candle 1 at 157.7677. The next candle closes at 128.3556, signaling a % change of 20.54%. I would really need a current bar signal when this deviation occurs with a minimum threshold of 18%. Visually you can see quite marked peaks and they are exactly what I'm looking for.

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