Re: Moving Average indicators for MT4

Xxcoincoin wrote: Fri Jun 14, 2024 6:21 am Thanks a lot !!! :)

And if it's not too much to ask, when you will have the time to do so is it possible to do the same with the "Triple Moving Averages Ribbon Filled + MA Filters pack" ?

Thanks again and have a great day !
Triple Moving Averages Ribbon Filled Histogram

Here is histogram with average version....

For the on chart version, please see here.

Re: Moving Average indicators for MT4

TECHHDATE07 wrote: Fri Jun 21, 2024 7:26 pm Hello Mr. Tools,
Could you please incorporate the MTF custom timeframe into this indicator? I don't have the MQ4 file, but I believe it's one of your creations.
Thank you.
EMA Variation with MT5 timeframes


Added the mt5 timeframes hope that is what you were looking for.

What is the EMA Variation indicator?

The EMA (Exponential Moving Average) is one of the most relied-upon Moving Averages and is also a commonly utilized method for smoothing and filtering data.

As a filter, the EMA is an infinite-impulse response (IIR) filter that operates discretely and acts as a low-pass filter. It gives greater importance to recent data by gradually diminishing the significance of older data in an exponential manner. Its behavior is akin to that of a discrete first-order low-pass RC filter.

Due to a lesser-known characteristic that relies solely on preceding data, the EMA is ideal for various adjustments, combinations, and variations. For instance:
  • A wide-range of the Adaptive moving averages are computed using an exponential moving average (EMA).
EMA Variation's "Speed" settings

Mladen's EMA Variation indicator has adjustable "Speed" settings:
  • Increasing the "Speed" of the EMA results in a "faster" EMA without actually altering the EMA period.
  • Increasing the "Speed" also introduces an implicit (indirect) "smoothing" to the EMA's results. This can be compared to a traditional EMA where you would see the implicit smoothing effect works and by adjusting it as fractional value aids in cushioning choppiness.
The "Speed" property of the EMA variation is utilized in this Ribbon version to create a ribbon cross, resulting in a formation of two indicator crosses, all without altering the calculating period.

Re: Moving Average indicators for MT4

mrtools wrote: Sat Jun 22, 2024 3:36 am EMA Variation with MT5 timeframes
Thank you for making this Mrtools. It's a really interesting alternative to the EMA Crossover and if you use a Period of 34 for the EMA Variation, increase the Fast Speed to 7.0 and leave Slow Speed to 1.8 it reacts faster than a standard 21 EMA crossing a 34 EMA. Quite a difference actually.

Here is a 34 period EMA Variation Ribbon vs a 21 EMA & 34 EMA using the Speed settings mentioned above
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