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Re: Is it even possible to make consistent money in trading

Hi I am Shayan from Pakistan I started trading forex back in 2016 I lost my first account to a martingale EA then moved to trading options make some profits but eventually lost money there then moved to forex again I traded some strategies but nothing works consistent I made some money with a break...

Re: Just saying hi!

Hi, Been lurking here on and off. Have traded on and off for over 1+ year. There's not much to it. You try to find a significant price level, and place a trade. All these break and retest gurus on youtube... man if you noticed it will similarly suffice by using an old Barry indicator. Just saying h...

Re: Should I trade now or keep doing demo?

MoneyMaker wrote: Thu May 20, 2021 6:50 pm If you are confident, then it never hurt to try now. What stop you to do that? Maybe you can start slowly and then make your way with consistency in profit.
Rightly said, initially what matters the most is consistency, slow and continuous steps are the key to success.

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