Re: Identify This Indicator

Hey guys,

I need some help.

There is an indicator which I KNOW I have seen on this forum but I cannot find it now. I have searched for a couple of days and still have not found it again.

I don't remember what type of calculation the indicator is using, but it is something like zigzag/elliot/S&R/fractal/HL.

The indicator picks tops and bottoms and traces a line across the screen like many others fractal style indis, but this one has a small box at the end of the line which shows the high/low price of the swing.

I can even picture the screenshot which is on this forum in my mind. White background, red and blue lines for tops and bottoms.

I'm sorry I do not have more specific information, or a screenshot to help. Does this sound familiar to anybody?

Thank you for your help.


Case Closed

I'm not sure if this is the exact one I was looking for...but it does exactly what I wanted.

Indicator attached for anybody else who may need it.

The only thing it's missing now is a button.

Re: Identify This Indicator

Hi Guys,

Good to be back! Do we have any ADR indicator that is compatible with forex simulators like soft4fx?

Im looking for ADR indicator that looks like this but can be used in simulator.
Many thanks for your help guys!

Re: Identify This Indicator

ionone wrote: Fri Aug 28, 2020 10:55 pm any one knows what this indi is? looks awesome

rules are : if line crosses above 150 after a red/yellow cross then signal
do u find this name? or file? or anyone.....i saw this things on fs or ff,,

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