Re: EMA 9, 20 magnet, using levels and "feel" of the price I finally finding my edge

Abdi wrote: Tue Feb 27, 2024 9:17 pm Hi, i like your thread, similar to how i trade.
Can i as you what this errows are? Rsi, bb, divergence ... ?
Hi, I am trading very discretional my friend, bb is 60 dev 2, arrows from this one but be careful, post1295532800.html#p1295532800,we are not following it blindly yes :) ,can not share more than this building it for years, also using futures data and also bionic candles post1295448815.html?hilit=bionic#p1295448815,bb help me to see good impulses,and then I am waiting for the price to unfold true intention .All the best
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