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Re: IFT RSI (Inverse Fisher Transform RSI)

yisrael, Fri Feb 18, 2022 7:07 pm

a did 10 trades and got 9/10 with this strategy
i call it max momentum.
you need the rsi , the iftrsi, the zig zag (default inputs),the Keltner channel( 200 period,ema,1 atr shift).
i am aiming for 1/1 reward/risk ratio.
the stop-loss and tp are based on the pullback of the zig-zag.
when price is below the Keltner channel you're looking for sell opportunities (x6)
when price is above the Keltner channel you're looking for buy opportunities.
when it is inside the band it is considered a range and you dont trade.
you get max momentum with the rsi when it crossed the 50 line (for long -cross to the upside,for short-cross to the downside)
you get max momentum with the iftrsi when it is above the 0.5 for longs, -0.5 for short.
the idea is simple is to catch the momentum that is most high

see at image at x3...rsi is below 50,but not oversold
see now x2 the iftrsi is crossing the -0.5 level
x1 is a extra rule ....the iftrsi should have a value above 0.6 in the candle of the pullback (x4)...this is iffy, i can explain it better...basically before the cross the iftrsi has a high value
x4 by the red line is the stoploss and x5 is the takeprofit
the stategy the stategy
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