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Re: T3 and T3 based indicators

mrtools, Tue Feb 15, 2022 12:41 pm

GoldenBrett90 wrote:
Tue Feb 15, 2022 9:02 am
Would it be asking too much to code this cosmetic idea of mine?
All I'm asking is to create a double-MA cloud from either the MA I've provided or an AllAverages MA indicator.
Then, code this new, popular "color background" idea, according to the MA cloud color-change.

For example, if both MA's of the cloud are signaling a buy, then a buy-colored background will appear, and vice-versa for a sell.
And if both MA's are conflicting with a buy & sell, then a neutral color will appear for the chart background.

This is a simple, yet effective concept for momentum trading & trading psychology, and to keep a clean chart.
Something like this?
!!! Ie2 mtf zones.mq4
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