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Re: Heiken Ashi Type Indicators

mrtools, Wed Feb 09, 2022 2:55 pm

GoldenBrett90 wrote: Tue Feb 08, 2022 5:13 pm Oh, I'm not pressing you for time.
I'm in Dallas, Texas, central standard time and it's late and now past midnight. I'm not sure which timezone you're in..
I do appreciate this so much, though. Other people may not value the difference between APB and regular HA as much, but I sure do. Every detail is important in trading.

And I'm not sure which APB version.
Your version you recently made was brilliant with the addition of some modern MA's for the channel, but here's what's different about it...
I think you got the wicks correct with how they're supposed to look in APB, but the candle bodies seem to be the exact same as regular Heiken Ashi.
Every so often, APB makes a faster, more accurate candle body signal and can be a candlestick ahead of regular Heiken Ashi.
They say APB follows price a little closer than regular HA and I see how this is true.
APB even rivals my best VoltyChannel_Stop_v6.7 600+ settings.
This is a mtf histo version, took me all day to do this one but seems okay, I usually like to do a histo version first then the 4 tf version, but on the 4 tf version not very confident in getting one don, still not sure how to do it.
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