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Re: $500 Prize: Let's program the Holy Grail MA together

ionone, Fri Jan 07, 2022 12:21 am


so I created this indicator that plots if the current bar is after a highest high or lowest low.
those are drawn in yellow
we KNOW the holy grail reversals have to be one of those, but of course it's always the last one, and we know it's the last one only when we have the next reversal (often too late)
so we need to filter out bad signals.
if someone has an idea I give you the indi so you can play with the settings and try to filter it

what we could also do, rather than try to pinpoint the exact reversal, is to take a reversal, but then reverse earlier than to wait for the yellow reversal (the red ones)
that way "we were wrong ?" no problem we reverse and try again
but maybe focus on trying to make it perfect first
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