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Re: VQ - Volatility Quality Indicators MT4

BeatlemaniaSA, Sat Jan 01, 2022 10:23 pm

Hi @mrtools and other master coders,

I've loaded the latest updated Random Walk Index on my chart and I've noticed a few peculiarities in relation to some of the other indicators i have. I am not a coder so i do not know if this is how it is suppose to depict the information on the chart.

Please see the screenshot below.
Random Walk Index Peculiarities.jpg

In the sub-windows below I have the latest Random Walk Index, scMTF CCI and the RSI 2x BT indicators. All of them have the standard settings as provided by the coder or indicator uploader.

As you can see in box A - (1) the Kijun Sen Candles and XARD's semaphore are clearly showing an uptrend and (2) the CCI is showing a change in direction and an uptrend (3) the RSI's have crossed upward and showing an uptrend, however, (4) the random Walk Index is showing a SELL! Also notice that both the RED and BLUE lines start to point in the same direction not long after the cross.

In C we have the (1) Kijun Sen candles and semaphore showing a downtrend (2) the RSI has changed color and changed direction downward (3) the CCI is showing a downtrend, but, (4) is showing a BUY and uptrend!

The same situation occurs in box B as well. So if you or any other member can shed light as to why this is happening I would appreciate it immensely :)

Could this behavior of the Random Walk Index be due to the fact that this section of the chart is clearly showing a very choppy and fluctuating market?

Warmest regards,

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