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Re: Schaff Indicators for MT4

太虚一毫, Sat Oct 09, 2021 10:35 pm

Schaff Trend RSI .mq4 is probably the best Schaff Trend.
(Schaff trend RSI mtf.mq5 is also very good)

Looking forward to Master mrtools press !!Schaff-Trend-Cycle (mtf + arrows + alerts).ex4 standard to modify Schaff Trend RSI .mq4.

1. Make its signal line point, with arrows + alerts.
2. RSI has complete types, such as:

enum enRsiTypes
rsi_rsi, // Regular RSI
rsi_slow, // Slow RSI
rsi_rap, // Rapid RSI
rsi_har, // Harris RSI
rsi_rsx, // RSX
rsi_cut // Cuttlers RSI
Schaff Trend RSI.mq4
(12.12 KiB) Downloaded 110 times
!!Schaff - Trend - Cycle (mtf + arrows + alerts).ex4
(65.63 KiB) Downloaded 101 times
Schaff trend RSI mtf.mq5
(26.98 KiB) Downloaded 64 times
(32.23 KiB) Downloaded 114 times
Schaff Trend RSI.png
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