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Re: Various (Specialist) indicators for MT4

Hercs78, Thu Oct 07, 2021 4:28 pm

Good morning, MrTools.
Finally used Microsoft Edge and here I am with the indicator.
I am sorry for the song & dance situation, but hopefully, it will not be repeated again.

Just to repeat my request and so that it is easy for your reference, I copy and paste my previous request here for your kind attention:

Would you please be kind enough to put an audible alert on this indicator as well as making an MTF version of it?
Also, the Arrows get thrown back to the previous candle if you could please code it that it shows the arrows on the candle that signals the change in direction. Thanks.
This is an incredibly smart indicator and for those of you wishing to test it, wait for the upgrade from MrTools.
Thanking you in advance and wishing you continued success.
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