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Daily Timeframe SwingTrading Template

PumbaPLS, Wed Oct 06, 2021 10:31 pm

Hello Guys,

I have been playing this game for already quiet a while and as everyone else on this website I love to experiment with indicators.

Most of my trading is done on the 1Minute Timeframe and that rather successfully and I have come to a point where I would like to spend less time on Charts and more time with my family.

Hence I have started to play around with a systematic trading approach on the Daily timeframe.

I believe this community has many amazing Traders and Coders on here and I am confident that we can together create something awesome.

Of course I also have things to share and I would like to show you the potential foundation of our Communities SwingTrading Template.

Keep in mind anything can be changed and that I am just sharing a potential starting point.

Rules for Updated Version

1: Is your Baseline which shows us the current Trend Blue -> Bullish Trend; Red -> Bearish Trend

2: This is your first entry indicator Blue Candle -> Long signal; Red Candle -> Red signal

3: Is our confirmation indicator (confirming entry) Blue Arrow up -> long signal; Red Arrow down -> short signal

4: I cant count and skipped number 4

5: Volume indicator shows if there is enough Volume to trade, meaning is enough movement there to take a trade Bar above yellow MA = enough Volume -> Take Trade; Bar underneath yellow MA -> not enough Volume dont trade

6: filters out signals where the trend is already overextended, if Sell signal and Candle hits green zone -> dont take trade; if Buy signal and Candle hits red Zone -> dont take trade

7: Indicator is used for early exits, if your trade doesnt go your desired direction, when short trade -> exit when blue crosses up, when long trade -> exit when blue crosses down

Updated Version Template
Special thanks to the contributors: Kathy McGarry, jng640

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