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Ogee, Thu Sep 23, 2021 1:13 am

What's Happening?

A Revolution

By Who?

A/ Governments, (the visible puppets) and
B/ The Davos Elite.

Who Are The Davos Elite (WEF)?

The largest IT concerns, Apple, the Google parent company Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook. The market capitalisation of these five companies at present amounts to an incredible $9.1trillion.

Along with these digital concerns we also have the large asset managers, namely BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street and Fidelity. They are significantly involved in all IT companies, these four currently manage a total $220.6 trillion, for comparison, the GDP of all 28 nations of the EU last year amounted to $15.7 trillion.

A Revolution How?

By releasing a man made virus to cause a medical emergency and collapse the economy.


To destroy cash and create the need for a 'Recoinage' which will be a digital currency issued by central banks along with personal digital 'wallets'.

The medical emergency will need a 'cure' and proof of having been 'cured' by means of a digital health record in order for the holder to be allowed to re-join society.

Then What?

Your digital health record will be upgraded to a digital ID incorporating your digital wallet.

From this point on whoever controls the AI will have direct control over YOU.

It will allow governments to watch over all transactions made by you and to assign various tax rates, and impose upon you individual fines. Governments can also place an expiry limit on a part of your money, and require that you spend certain amounts within certain time periods. But it can also require the money to be used for specific purposes, and require that specific amounts be paid only for certain products, or that they be sourced only from certain regions.

Above all, government will be in the position to cancel your ability to make all transactions with a single mouse click, and so shut you down financially.

The End.

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