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Re: 4 Time Frame and All TFs Indicators for MT4

GoldenBrett90, Thu Sep 23, 2021 12:36 am

Hello to any coder in the room.

Could I please get a 4 Time-Frame histo version of this ultimate candlestick indicator: VoltyChannel_Stop_v6.7 600+ ?

This is my first post, how do things work around here?
Do people seriously make indicators for free or are they paid? Let me know.

I own 12,000 custom indicators and have tested many of them for years.
This VoltyChannel_Stop_v6.7 600+ indicator I have here is the most accurate candlestick indicator, or indicator, period, that I have ever seen in terms of following real price-action with signal alerts when set to "Simple Decycler by John Ehlers" on 2-period and the "10 ATR period" setting is set to 2.
See for yourself if you think I'm lying or don't know what I'm talking about!
This is king over any filtered candlestick indicator and it would be amazing for anyone to own who's interested in such style of indicators!!!
VoltyChannel_Stop_v6.7 600+.mq4
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