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Re: $500 Prize: Let's program the Holy Grail MA together

Skyold, Tue Jul 27, 2021 7:10 pm

I want to bring you to a completely different thought with this post.
To be more precise statistics from PIVOT POINT
I keep a statistic from the last 100 days for trading with US30.
And so the results are:
The daily opening price was higher than PP on 57 days and the LOW of the daily candle was below the PP on 40 days. This means a hit rate of 70%

The daily opening price has been lower than PP on 43 days and the HIGH of the daily candle was above the PP on 37 days. This means a hit rate of 86%

If someone has taken a closer look at the charts of mine (thread of XARD), he will see the PP button on each chart.

There is only one problem, otherwise it would be too good to be true. Where do I put my SL???
If we can solve this problem together, then we would have The Holy Grahl.

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