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Re: Stochastic indicators for MT4

RomanUkraine, Tue Apr 06, 2021 9:23 pm

Good afternoon, мr. Tools.
There is such a request to remake this wonderful stochastic. This should be done in the same way as in the RSI indicator (eighth) (mtf + warning + arrows), but in exactly the opposite way:
1) that the color (is it possibly a signal line?) - does not change in the area of ​​"resold" and "overbought", but only in the area between them (screenshot provided);
2) in the menu you can set the lines of overbought and oversold zones, as well as their color and thickness.
At first I thought differently, but this option would be better.
If possible, you can add a "stripe" colored from zones 90-70 and 10-30 (optional).
Sorry for the Google translation
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Stochastic signals mtf.mq4
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