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Re: Rijay's System of Moving Averages

rijay, Fri Jan 15, 2021 5:55 pm

this is the kind of disproportionate underperformance and outperformance exist at times between eurusd and gbpusd

at present eurusd is trading well below its previous high and is falling, whereas gbpusd is still trading at its previous high and has not fallen in line with rise of usdindex,

now either eurusd has to rise again beyond it previous high so that gbpusd can surpass its previous high or gbpusd has to fall to catchup with eurusd fall.

since lifting eurusd back to its previous high will need a lot of money, more easy is to sell gbpusd and expect it to fall .

this is more than 36 hours now since this disproportionate move exists and things will change fast once eurusd falls more form here.
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