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Re: CAN WE ACTUALLY Making Money in Forex????????

naluvs01, Wed Nov 18, 2020 12:24 pm

mystylez007 wrote:
Wed Nov 18, 2020 10:43 am
naluvs01 wrote:
Thu Aug 06, 2020 12:41 am
Hi Everyone,

I started this post and would like to say I have found a way to make constant profits every week. I'm sharing this because I promised to and for anyone in the future struggling will find their way. This is for the 4H chart, but the same concept can be used for smaller timeframes. However, their will be greater noise. Number one, I want to point out that all strategies work with this concept: MACD, ADX, 2 MA Crossover, etc. The problem with trading forex is you can't look at one pair...It's Suicide!!!!!. But you must compare all currencies against each other. And I have found no Currency Strength Meter (CSM) to reveal this consistently.

The process: I profile all currencies against each other on the daily and/or weekly (this determines trend direction). I use a Zero Lag HMA (from this site) set to 20 (div 2.0) which determines the prevailing trend; Half-Trend because is acts a floating S/R; a MTF Hi-Lo indicator that shows the previous week Hi and Lo; a TDI-ish concept for range (RSI 10 - Ema 1, EMA 7 & BB 34/3); I use RSIx3 (indicator on this site) set to close - periods 2, 3 & 5. Or you can use 3 RSIs. This reveals when the moves are being made. I also make sure I'm not buying near an S & R level. Once you compare the currencies, you get a true idea of what currencies are stronger/weaker. I also reverse the hull color when the profile currency is in second place like the JPY pairs. This keeps uniformity.

Next, I registered for a demo account with Liteforex for their index charts (you can also find a similar indicator on FF by mathtrader7 (I WISH WE HAD ONE HERE...hint, hint). This gives me a snap shot of the entire market profile on one screen. I use the HMA, TDI-ish setup and RSIx3 here as well on the 4hr and Daily. The most important thing is to ONLY trade in the direction of the daily. Your entries (on whatever strategy you choose) should be after the Daily pair OR index chart is already in place. For instance, for me, the HMA has to be white/black on the daily (remember either on the index or your main broker chart) in order for me to buy/sell. Below are examples of profiling by my main broker and index charts. I hope this helps everyone. I've been receiving 500 - 1000 pips weekly using this concept. This is a way of me giving back to F-S community. You guys have really helped me especially the coders: Mr. Tools, Jimmy, Mladen, Pacios and others. Thanks you all and may your dreams become a reality!!!
When you said "I've been receiving 500 - 1000 pips weekly using this concept." Did you mean results from backtesting or results from Live trading?
I've been testing demo. I've actually switched indicators. I've scaled down a bit. I use the cumulative volume (CV) to confirm entries (the one here has a MA I set to 2), the ADX (2) and the delta indicator (default), also here. My rules consist of the ADX cross, with confirmed volume from the CV and the delta indicator MAs must be in alignment. Meaning the orange MA is above the black MA for a buy and reverse for a sell. Oh and price should be above the channel. In this example, it's a 5 EMA channel (Hi/HLC3/Low).
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