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Re: v2v dynamic system

nathanvbasko, Sun Nov 08, 2020 10:23 pm

v2v dynamic trading system ─ for MT4 platform

A Project Looking Glass ...with Tesla footprints inside

The v2v dynamic trading system is not the usual thing out there. It doesn't have any arrows or trigger alerts for a long/buy or short/sell signal. For such, it needs critical thinking of the One in between the keyboard and a chair. Yes, that is you.

This system is designed for a discretionary type of trader. Thus, it may only help you to manage your trades or position your positions. And it requires the One's due diligence to understand or to know more about this system. Sadly, it may take some precious time to finish the user manual.
Now sit back, relax, and start to believe that we're on the Matrix, just like Neo. And begin to understand that these are all imaginary because the Market (Makers) really can't kill you, but the Market seems to think that they can. However, once you took the red pill, you'll start to walk with the Architect while building a neural pathway to the art of trading (or science ─ whatever). Then arm yourself with this system plus a tried & tested trading plan (strategy/method), a sound position-sizing or money management, and a scam-free retail broker as you begin to see the Markets that nobody else does. ─ Agent v2v
☢ There are no guarantees that all the tools/indicators within the system work perfectly or without error(s). Hence, use at your own risk; I accept no liability for system damage, financial losses, and even loss of life. ; )─

─ Optimized and fully adaptive... all the tools within the system.
─ Regression Analysis... fixed volume weighted-adaptive calculation
─ Neural Network... fixed volume weighted-adaptive calculation
─ V-PR tools... fixed ATR & MVWAP combo: from on-chart switch button selection
─ System bands... multiplier in Fibo value ( 0.382;0.618;1.0;1.382;1.618;2.0;2.382;2.618... )
─ Added MT4 server disconnection handling
─ New templates 
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