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Re: Chaos Visual Averages Indicators for MT4

poaslk, Mon Oct 05, 2020 2:07 am

Hey all,

as I have no source code for initial 'HaosVisual Averages' indicator, I have made Expert Advisor [attached] as an advice how this indicator can be used in trading.

Please mind, that all the indicators in this thread have quite a big performance issues, and even can crash MT4 terminal. In order to fix the indicators, please push mrtools and/or jimmy

Options explained:
  • online:
    • Off: EA will not trade, but will work passively.
    • Open/Close: EA will automatically open and close positions
    • Close only: EA will only close positions. Mind that EA is closing all the positions with defined magic number.
    • Open only: EA will only open positions. Only one position is opened.
  • Alerts ON/OFF: true to enable alerts, false to disable alerts
  • Lot size, negative or 0 means lot recommended by EA
  • Magic number: Magic number for EA trading.
  • Sound file name, leave empty for no sound: Name of the sound file. Default EA sound is attached. Please copy to your terminal Sounds path.
  • HaosVisual Avarages inputs: exactly the same inputs as for 'HaosVisual Averages' indicator, except TimeFrame, Reverse/Trend, and Indicator shift.
    • Only 5m to 4hours are supported in EA.
    • You can pick any combination for First and Second wpr TimeFrames. EA can handle any of the two combinations.
    • wpr Reverse(true) or Trend(false): definition of TREND or REVERSAL, again any combination is fine:
      • TREND: If up wpr level is crossed, it means BUY, if down wpr level is crossed, it means SELL.
        REVERSAL: If up wpr level is crossed, it means SELL, if down wpr level is crossed, it means BUY.
      • wpr chart shift: only positive chart shift is possible (to the right).
    • Other options:
      • Iinitial line: Y axis where options should be displayed. -1 to disable them all.
      • Leverage: -1 means EA defaults.
        • 1:30 Majors.
        • 1:20 Minors, XAUEUR, XAUGBP, XAUUSD.
        • 1:10 Brent, Crude, NatGas, XAGUSD, XAGEUR, SPN35, HSI50.
        • 1:5 Anything else.
        • Or define your own.
      • Show SPREAD: current spread.
      • Show recommended lot and % risk per day:
        • lot size according to % risk per day.
        • Risk how much you can gain/loose per day. For example, 0.75% risk per day means you can loose/gain approx. 0.75*100=75% per year.
      • Show SWAP commission Long/Short: Swap commission in your base currency for 1 night.
      • Show wpr TimeFrames: will show which TimeFrames you picked for first and second wpr.
      • Show wpr chart shifts: will show which Shifts you picked for first and second wpr.

Please let me know if any issues. I use it on my live account but EA is adjusted to handle other brokers, so there might be some issues. I'm usually around once per week.
Please mind again, that indicator is having big performance issues, so if you trade 5min timeframe, there can be some delays up to 15 seconds.

Later on, I will post some pictures as examples, for better understanding.

EA path example: C:\Users\poaslk\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\FF3045E3ECD32ED3730FC0D21B0E037E\MQL4\Experts\
Indicator path example: C:\Users\poaslk\AppData\Roaming\MetaQuotes\Terminal\FF3045E3ECD32ED3730FC0D21B0E037E\MQL4\Indicators\
Sound path example: C:\Program Files (x86)\MetaTrader-Live\Sounds\
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