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Re: HMA - Hull Moving Average Indicators MT4

josi, Wed Jun 10, 2020 7:22 pm

Banzai wrote: Wed Jun 10, 2020 12:09 pm I think M15 and higher time frames has less false breakouts.
Here's the HMA ATR Bands/Channels template.
Anyway, when HMA (34) crosses up HMA (40), go LONG.
Vice versa,
when HMA (34) crosses down HMA (40), go SHORT.
or when both HMA are green, go LONG.
Vice versa,
when both HMA are red, go SHORT.

You're full of ideas, man.
Which one is "faster" - the HMA, I take it?
EMA 21 ATR Channel.tpl vs [M15] HMA (34, 40).tpl
HMA5 (smoothed price) and HMA20 (on M15 that would emulate price on H1)
HMA20 blue: wait for HMA5 blue + above HMA20: buy
HMA20 brown: wait for HMA5 brown + below HMA20: sell
if HMA20 sideways: don't trade

or if you want to slow it down:
SMA80+HMA20 (same principles): [which is not the same but actually pretty close to Xard's Universe MAs]
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