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Re: Trading XARD system (Christmas Setup)

ImpLaNT, Fri May 01, 2020 12:58 pm

Slightly moving away from the topic ....
A completely different approach ...
Since my student days, words spoken by a professor of mathematics have been in my head. He quoted some german mathematician. The following quotation ... "Any, even absolute chaos can be described by means of a mathematical equation. The only question is how difficult this equation will be, and how possible is its calculation ..."
Nowadays, finding such complex functions becomes possible due to the use of powerful computers to calculate them. Below I am attaching an article by a russian mathematician-programmer who solved a similar problem using genetic algorithms. Unfortunately, I do not have an article in english, but whoever is interested will be able to catch the main point using a translator.

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The forex market is an example of a certain type of chaos, which can also be described using a mathematical function. The evolution of this function is ongoing and the function is constantly changing. The program described in the article calculates a mathematical function based on a number of its known values. For example, if we know the values ​​of the closing price of the day for 100 days, then the program, finding the function that these 100 points will fall into, will calculate where today's 101th day will be approximately closed. In fact, this is the desired grail. I know that algorithms and programs of this type are used by market movers. The problem is that finding this kind of information, and even more so the program in the public domain, is very difficult due to the fact that such information is very much hidden. Maybe someone stumbled upon something like that somewhere?
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