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Re: The Grail v1.0

Amunra5, Fri Dec 27, 2019 1:49 am

tweaked the settings..
jurik: length7 and removed the arrows
take the 5min expiry/5candles.
all 4 indies from the coders of this site. dont mind the zigzag, just my personal touch.
try it on your end. test test test!
! b970+ MTH2014 4x Semaphore ZZ Indi.ex4
(108.97 KiB) Downloaded 709 times
(42.45 KiB) Downloaded 669 times
jurik volty - bands - separate.ex4
(72.71 KiB) Downloaded 670 times
(17.87 KiB) Downloaded 682 times
True fractals bands.ex4
(17.77 KiB) Downloaded 665 times
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