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Re: XARD - Simple Trend Following Trading System

rijay, Fri Nov 01, 2019 6:18 pm

xard777 wrote:
Mon Oct 28, 2019 2:52 am
Updates to the Xmas setup

Added Session boxes for best trading times
Added Daily High/Low (Black rectangle box)
Replaced the Trend line with a GoldBand line
Adjusted the colour scheme slightly
Amended Trend Meter to match GoldBand line
Amended Spread & Timer functions on Info Panel.
Amended Session High/Low on HK50
hello, xard

you are doing nice work by giving everyone free trading system, and i think everyone appreciates your work here.

you are really lion hearted, to share your hard work for free.

as you are putting in lots of efforts for new trading system;

i thought to put some efforts in a way i use jma for entry and exit and to identify swings in all timeframes, just as a friendly gesture.
in case you can find this useful for background coloring on your system.

so far i have found jma better for fast signals, so i have here attached templet and indicators here in case you can find it useful for background coloring, with settings that i use on this templet as my primary trading templet.

this all indicators of jma are made by mladen and mrtools, so many thanks to them for sharing it too.

for example i have taken up H4 and H1 timeframes in it, will attach few images for it ,

this are h4 time frame signals , for trading on h1 time frames, but can be modified for any timeframes,

here from H4 up to down (from up arrow to down arrow) is one background color can be applied and for H4 down to up color another, and you can trade on h1 timeframe till opposite signal appears on H4 arrow, keeping in mind higher timeframes trend.

may be meter showing all timeframe color will be an idea, i do not know how will it work out.

i am afraid, i am not able to find this back ground coloring indicator of jam filter( or may be not made yet, or not published yet, or may be i am wrong !!), so i adapted to arrow, thanks to mladen and mrtools that it is published !

jam ribbon is faster , ideal is macd ribbon on chart to analyze , but can not find any macd ribbon on chart, may be Mt4 has its limitations, i do not know, hope one will be made for Mt5 in future )



-consider jma ribbon as 13 and 20 ema zones .(each timeframe ribbon is 13 -20 ema zone of that timeframe)(so its coloring of jam ribbon is also back ground color of that timeframe swing, a nice idea for background coloring, but will be a bit late then arrow in example, as it jma ribbon is on slower settings of jma then arrow settings a fast one)

-Jma ribbon is for seeing start and end of whole swing, arrows are for entry and exit for in between retracements for entry on lower timeframes. so posted here example for H4,H1 timeframes in image and on templet.
and for background coloring option

-prices crossing to other side of jma ribbon and sustains there indicates end of swing.

-upper border of jma ribbon is are to which prices takes support and carry on in direction of trend, lower border of ribbon is the last support, break of lower border will change the atr of prices to other side, and reversal sets in.
-prices breaking lower time frame ribbon will hit the next higer timeframe ribbon and will consolidate there, and then again resume move.

-news spikes, unexpected spikes will take support at next higher timeframe, for example if trend is setting up in H4, and news spikes prices maximum move will be to the D1 jma ribbon .
- if prices breaks jma ribbon then it will retest it from below , to restart the move down again.

convergence points are when two timeframe jma ribbon collides with each other , this are good for entry , along with convergence of moving average on multiple timeframes.

attaching here indicators and templet here, indicators goes into Downloads folder. ( all my indicators resides in Downloads folder from beginning !)

attaching indicators here as i have, i think all indicators here are a good one and can be of help to you in coding(you are better person to make moifications to make changes)(may be mladen and mrtools also have this copies), and not decompiled one, i do not know, as i do not know coding, but you know it better, as long as i remember jma ribbon will be the right one as it is from tsd times.

jma filter is the same as ribbon made of kind of two jma filter, try applying same jma values on both of it and will match on each other.


just attaching one more indicator momentum scalper revised coded by mrtool, in case you find it useful for background coloring, i have not tested it much, but it looks faster then jma on primary testing !( i thought jma is better !), have not tested it for recalculating yet. but it is beating the expectation and looks to go much closer to price action, may be mtf coloring will like jma will be good.

continue your good work, have a nice day ahead.

i also take up this moment to thank mladen, mrtools, and jimmy too for their good work
H1 timeframe jma arrow.png
H4 timeframe jma arrow.png
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