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Re: Rijay's System of Moving Averages

rijay, Thu Oct 31, 2019 1:29 pm

anticipating the price reversal bar at convergence points,

if prices breaks this grey line , with fast and large price action bar which is running towards the trendline to break it , the move is on, as traders are caught on wrong side, and will run to close their positions in panic.

this is extrapolation so all lines will readjust.

so do not focus on lines.

only one criteria to find reversal bar.

focus only on last price bar. and its last status with line at that bar(current grey line and not red future line)

the bar that closes below or above this current grey line is reversal bar.( important to note is close of bar, price may dip below this line but till bar does not close below or above the line on closing basis it is not reversal bar)

till this closing of price bar on the other side of the line does not happen it is continuation of trend.(once again to remind- close of candle is to be taken in to account)

this is not for signalling but for anticipation, but this is good extrapolation of ema.

all thanks to MLADEN and MRTOOLS

ema extrapolated indicator

ema period=1
bands deviation=2
last bar in the past data=0
number of past bars=200
number of bars to predict=50
total number of harmonics in model=8
tolerance of frequency calculations=0.0001
calculate on every tick =true

analyse in context with other indicators and systems.
anticipating reversal bar extrapolation.png
Ema extrapolated 2.ex5
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