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Re: My Indicator reviews and experiences

shaileshm, Sun Sep 15, 2019 2:08 am

Let us start with two zone type indicators. These type of indicators are my favorite. Both these indicators were made by a user called MTH2014 (on a different forum). He is a retiree from that famous place, and is one of the highest taxpayer in his country. All his indicators are excellent but unfortunately usually not too easy to use.

This first indicator is a supply – demand indicator. For binary options its possible to use only this indicator and be profitable. There are lot of display options including the weak – strong, fib levels , retouch etc. I find this one too good for a free indicator.

-------- [ external image ] --------

The second indicator is called as wing-ding indicator. He made it using his own ‘median price theory’. I only partially understand the theory, but these zones should be seen as 'attractors' i.e, where price will eventually swing back to.

-------- [ external image ] --------
! b1010+ MTH2014 SuppDem Mod Indi.ex4
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! b1090+ MTH2014 xixi TZ Mod w auto h wing Indi.ex4
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