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Fastest Trigger

Workerbee, Fri Aug 30, 2019 10:44 pm

Greetings To All Here,
I am a new member here and am finding such interesting work and exchange of ideas. Obviously the work of some very skilled coders indeed :)

I have a question about a trigger. In the attached chart you will find oscillators on the 15 minute chart.

The Default RSI, The Macd with the settings of 3,10,16, and a Stochastic with the settings of 3,3,5 in the Simple MAs

If you notice coming off the bottom the Stochastic Captures the turn the fastest. Drop to the 5 minute and its the same situation.

My question: Is there an oscillator or settings that would have captured the turn at the touch, or would the only way to be drop to the 1 minute?

Or perhaps, there is no such way other than if I'm confident in the trade per my rules take it without hoping for confirmation from and Oscillator?

Thanks in Advance for your responses.
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