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Paid coding: Create an EA (MT4 and MT5) after my strategy

bmwaddicted, Sun Jun 02, 2019 10:03 pm

Hi guys,

Could you create an EA based on my strategy? Let me give more details about this topic:
- I use the following indicators: Dynamic Zone StepMA (timeframe current which is 1h with lines) and Dynamic Zone StepMA (timeframe 4h the one with dots to have the big picture), adaptive-dayimplus with the default settings and also for confidence Chaos average. Please find attached screenshot to see it more clear.
The strategy:
- buy when the direction of Dynamic zone 1h or 4h changes (there are situations when 1h changes first, but can also 4h dynamic zone change first, it depends on the market) and if the adaptive dayimplus is low and also chaos is showing signs that the price will go to up direction. The position will be closed either when dynamic zone changes the color or adaptive dayimplus gives an alert for the oposite direction of the market).
- for sell is the same as for buy.

I'd like to have this coded as an EA on MT4 and MT5 if possible. Also, in my opinion, I guess that this system will work and post this also on Trading systems just to help the community to grow.

Thank you for taking time to read this and waiting for news from your side for any clarification that is needed further.

Wish you a nice day!
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